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MUNDO INVISIVEL                       (2012)

Directed by Wim Wenders, Theodoros Angelopoulos, Marco Bechis, Atom Egoyan, Manoel de Oliveira, Guy Maddin, Gian Vittorio Baldi, Laìs Bodanzky, Maria De Medeiros, Jerzy Stuhr, Beto Brant and Cisco Vasquez.


Mundo Invisivel is a feature film conceived and produced under the general direction of Leon Cakoff and Renata de Almeida from Mostra Internacional de Cinema de San Paulo. The film presents distinct perceptions on invisibility in the contemporary world as seen through different short films and the eyes of different important filmmakers.


Directed by Marco Bechis.

The virgin forest in the Trianon Park in the middle of Paulista Ave., in the heart of San Paulo, is rediscovered by Guarani-Kaiowa Indians during their visit to the city. They are surrounded by curious pedestrians as they leave the park.


Perhaps one of the greatest virtues of Bechis's work is that he succeeds in dealing with important issues with clarity, lucidity and, certainly in Tekoha's case, a delicate irony.
Laura Nuti,

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