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Director: Marco Bechis.

Assistant director and sound: Dante Lomazzi. Editing: Mirella D'Angelo. Music: Jacques Lederlin. Executive production: Caterina Giargia. Production: Serame Project (Silvia Pizzorno, C. Giargia, M. Bechis, D. Lomazzi).  Coproduction: Carlo Degli Esposti (Palomar), Achille (Studio Pontaccio), Gianfranco Clerici (Greenmovie).

1996 Locarno Film Festival

This documentary, filmed between 1994 and 1996 and made in collaboration with Caterina Giargia, is dedicated to Bechis's friend, the sculptor and photographer Luca Pizzorno. The artist, a Buddhist, died in 1994 and was cremated according to his last wishes. Marco Bechis, Caterina Giargia and Dante Lomazzi took his ashes to India so that they could scatter them in accordance with Buddhist rites. The protagonists of this journey are both the film crew and the subjects of the documentary, which was later edited with fragments of home videos showing Luca's life in Milan. It is a reflection on death in the West and the East that changed forever these people's outlook on life.



LUCA'S FILM is above all a story of friendship.

Marco e dani in india, 1994 (foto Kat)_1.j
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