Karta Film s.r.l. was founded by Marco Bechis and Caterina Giargia in 2004. Its mission was to develop film and television projects, to make documentaries and to promote cultural events with a social dimension, in Italy and abroad.
The audiovisual medium, in all its different forms, is the main tool Karta Film uses to create works that deal with current reality, from a historical, social and anthropological perspective.

In 2008 Karta Film co-produced Birdwatchers - La Terra degli Uomini Rossi, which was shown in competition at the 65th Venice Film Festival. In 2011 it co-produced, with the Istituto LUCE, Marco Bechis's Il sorriso del Capo ("The Smile of the Leader"), a documentary film containing archive photographs, previewed at the Turin Film Festival.

With the feature film La Terra degli Uomini Rossi (2008), Karta Film was one of the first Italian companies to use the "Tax Shelter" method to help finance a film.


The Services We Offer
Karta Film offers itself as a consultant and/or joint maker of audiovisual projects, and can contribute to the whole creative process, from planning to production.

Services offered in Italy -  Script doctoring | Film production planning | Script breakdown and budgeting | Submission to Mibac (Ministry of Culture) | Submission to international funders | Handling permits to shoot | Location scouting | Casting | Film shoots | Executive production | Production Management | Stills | Backstories.

Script doctoring - Karta Film is very active in the development of film projects.
Its script doctoring service gives script-writers in search of suggestions, advice and technical support in developing and completing their projects the opportunity of having a professional dialogue with Marco Bechis.

Many years ago I received a script from a young film-maker. I remember reading the manuscript with interest and starting to note down a few words of advice. I made a list of suggestions, replied to his e-mail and then heard nothing. Many years later I happened to meet the young man himself. He had never replied to me, but he had turned my e-mail into a little guide. "I've had that list in front of me" he told me "whenever I've been working." (Marco Bechis, 2012).

Workshops - We in are the process of planning specific teaching modules and internships in creative writing, production, performance and directing for beginners and established practitioners.

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