STORIE METROPOLITANE (Metropolitan Tales) 1987 - 35 minutes - 16 mm

Missed encounters, successful encounters among young people living in cities. Plots, actors and backgrounds are intimately connected with the character of each city.
Actors and crews are always recruited on location, making the boundary between storyline and city setting even more indistinct.

“Following the experience with ESTERNO TANGO I put to Achille Mauri the idea of a series of shorts for television, to be broadcast within those thematic packages that were fashionable in the late 1980s. We presented the project to the channel RAIDUE†and it was accepted.†The idea was very simple. The same story in different cities around the world: boy meets girl. That’s how seven urban stories were created in seven cities: Milan (a factory worker and a hairdresser), central Paris (two students), Paris Banlieue (two students), Los Angeles (an actress and a mechanic), Buenos Aires (a tango singer – this short was not filmed but is an edited section of Esterno Tango), Istanbul (a sailor and a woman passenger), La Paz (a waitress and a miner).
The shorts were screened on RAIDUE, one a week over seven weeks. The Milan one provoked quite a stir within RAI, because I had touched on the cynicism of the Milan Stock Exchange and on the culture of corruption in the Socialist Party. And RAIDUE was a socialist channel.
The shorts were shot in 16 mm and edited on old-fashioned mechanical Moviola editing machines.†I’d leave for the chosen city with the funds for the production in my pocket. I’d arrive having made a few contacts, not knowing anyone, and, on location, I’d pick the cameraman and the assistant, I’d do the casting and the shooting and leave with the film in my suitcase. Each short had its own entirely different local crew.
It was an important directing experience, just before my first feature film, ALAMBRADO, shot in 1988” (Marco Bechis).