Shown in competition at the 1991 Locarno Film Festival

In Patagonia, a few kilometers from the Strait of Magellan, a relentless wind blows relentlessly all year round. Here, in the middle of nowhere, a timber cottage by the ocean is home to Harvey Logan, an elderly antiquarian of Scottish descent, and his two teenage children: Eva - a restless and sensual seventeen-year-old, and Juan - an introverted, taciturn thirteen-year-old, with an unhealthy attachment to his sister. Both dream of escaping. One day an Englishman called Wilson arrives in the village, wanting to buy Logan's land on behalf of a multinational. The father decides to erect a long wire fence, an alambrado. His efforts to protect his land, however, will end in tragedy.

Director: Marco Bechis - Producers: Roberto Cicutto, Vincenzo De Leo - Executive Producer: Diana Frey - Production Company: An Aura Film/Oscar Kramer - Coproduction in collaboration with Raitre - Screenwriters: Lara Fremder and Marco Bechis - Cinematographer: Esteban Courtalon - Editors: Nino Baragli, Pablo Mari - Music: Jacques Lederlin - Principal Cast: Jacqueline Lustig, Martin Kaiwill, - Arturo Maly, Matthew Marsh, Enrique Ahriman. Italy/Argentina.



From Patagonia, one of the best debuts of recent years.
Morando Morandini, Il Giorno

Metaphor and reality blend perfectly in this debut work, proof of a talent capable of encompassing vast open spaces, with a vision that recalls both Antonioni and Flaherty at different times.
Tullio Kezich, Corriere della Sera

The film has originality, solid visual and dramatic quality, and excellent, well-cast actors, among whom the young Jacqueline Lustig stands out for her extraordinary expressive and sensual qualities.
Lietta Tornabuoni, La Stampa

Bechis's debut is good, an affirmation of a sensuality almost unprecedented in film.
Enzo Siciliano, l'Espresso

Bechis directs this bitter and desperate story of obstinacy and loneliness with a measured maturity that is surprising in the work of a newcomer.
Irene Bignardi, La Repubblica

A triumphant exploration of a place un-touched by time, The Fence is ever explosive
Catherine Schulman, Sundance Film Festival 1993